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Psychotherapy Practitioners

Jay Hopkins

Licensed Professional Counselor

Jay Hopkins is a seasoned Licensed Professional Counselor with 18+ years of experience working in mental healthcare. Integrating a number of therapeutic modalities (Gestalt, Body Oriented Psychotherapy, Emotionally Focused Therapy, Mindfulness-Based Therapy), Jay’s well-informed approach is holistic, person-centered, relational, down-to-earth and focused mindfully in the here-and-now. Jay enjoys maintaining a diversified clientele, working with individuals of various ages, cultures, sexual orientations and gender identities. Likewise, Jay willingly brings his tenacity, insight, heart, and experience to helping individuals with a variety of personal issues and mental health challenges; and tailors each person’s treatment to uniquely address their particular suffering.

Phone: (503) 577-8115

Alyssa Gursky
MA, LPC Associate 

Transpersonal Art Therapist

Alyssa is a Transpersonal Art Therapist and a Licensed Professional Counselor Associate in the state of Oregon. Her style is non-directive, centered on curiosity and compassion. She holds extensive expertise in working with non-ordinary states of consciousness in the clinical environment. She is currently offering somatic and attachment focused EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing), psychedelic preparation & integration services. 

Currently, Alyssa is focusing her practice on working with anxiety, depression, anger, and self-esteem. She utilizes somatic based-practices, including mindfulness, ritual, art-based practices, and nervous system regulation to support an individual in befriending their inner world and support their healing journey. LGBTQIA+ aligned, kink-friendly, polyam friendly.


Lesley Burke

Licensed Professional Counselor,
Art Therapist

Lesley is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and Registered Art Therapist (ATR), and her practice currently focuses on trauma, PTSD, substance abuse, anxiety, and non-ordinary states of consciousness, including those induced by the use of psychedelics.  Lesley’s intention is to create a trauma-informed, non-judgmental healing space for all clients.  Lesley is also a certified yoga teacher and may incorporate mindfulness, breath, and body awareness into sessions when appropriate to facilitate relaxation and grounding.  

Phone: (503) 459-1675

Timothy  Crespi


Professional Counselor, Owner,
Community Organizer

Timothy Crespi is a Licensed Professional Counselor and owner of Somatic Center Portland, LLC. He works with both individuals and couples struggling with PTSD, major life transitions, relationship challenges, and addictions.



Body Work and Massage Therapy

Caitlin Capistran


Doctor of Physical Therapy

Caitlin is a trauma-informed bodyworker who takes a holistic approach to working with the body. Caitlin works with a deep understanding of the interconnection between body, mind, and spirit; she uses gentle hands-on treatment techniques to restore balance and ease within the body.

Her work supports people experiencing tension, pain, fatigue, chronic illness, and mental health issues.

Phone: (503) 479-8349

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